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Creative Direction

Branding & Visual Identity

Digital & Web Design

Pela Vision

Pela Vision is the world’s first 100% biodegradable sunglass line. At the end of their life, even the lenses will break down and not harm the earth. With a mission grounded in innovation, Pela is always looking for new ways to expand, transform and excite. I'm proud of the work the marketing team accomplished to launch the Pela Vision brand during 2020. And thankful to the incredible humans in our social community for making sure they were there when we needed them the most.


Vision Launch

From the initial strategy to the final outcome – I offered guidance and support throughout the whole process launching this brand of modern and stylish products.


Community Style!

Although everyone had to work remotely, by curating Instagram and providing detailed visual direction for photoshoots across North America, the Pela community came back looking confident and natural with sunnies on and within their environment.

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