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Creative Direction

Branding & Visual Identity

Digital & Web Design

Pela Case

Pela has a big, hairy audacious goal to create a waste free future.
And believes that the technology exists to make everyday products without everyday waste, it just takes the right company with the right community to make these products the new normal. Put simply, Pela believes in better. I had the pleasure of designing, branding, and collaboratively producing creative solutions on a slew of intriguing projects as the Creative Director.


Consumer Strategy

To enable Pela to connect more effectively with its target audience and grow the brand, I defined opportunities and created communication strategies to educate and inspire a passionate tribe who believe in the power of people to change the world.


Sustainability Simplified

Sustainability can be complex. This content was simplified to convey key messages and made visually engaging to the target audience.



Inspired by Apple’s iPod pop culture advertising style, circa 2003-2005, these eco-friendly Airpods Pro cases launched with a series of distinctive ads with playful hand gestures and scroll-stopping colours.

Calling all 'Wavemakers'

I designed this brand ambassador onboarding guide to introduce the community of the most dedicated earth heroes to Pela missions. It calls all 'Wavemakers' to make a choice to support and work together to keep 1 BILLION pounds of plastic from ever being made.

Brand Guidelines

Creative essence informed by brand principles, defines the parameters, strategically and creatively: giving intention, integrity & form to the creative work.


In honour of Plastic Free July, this social campaign highlighted Pela's goal. In order to do that, we reconnected our community with the ocean and reminded them of the importance in keeping it clean by asking the question 'How do you fit into the ocean?'